benefits Summary

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance is provided for full-time employees.

Some other Health Plan Benefits:

  • Prescription Card $35 for Name Brand and $5 for Generic
  • Wellness Benefit $300 per employee and each covered dependent each calendar year

VISION: Limited to an annual benefit of $150

Covered Services: Vision Examinations, lenses, frames, contacts, or corrective surgery/LASIK


  • PREVENTIVE covered expenses payable at 100% Oral exam not more than twice per calendar year (every six months) Prophylaxis (basic cleaning) not more than twice per calendar year Bitewing x-rays not more than 2 sets per calendar year Full mouth x-rays not more than once every 24 months
  • RESTORATIVE - Covered expenses payable at 80% after calendar year deductible has been met.
  • MAJOR - Covered expenses are payable at 50%
  • ORTHODONTICS - Covered expenses are payable at 50%


The City provides life insurance on each full-time employee of five (5) times their annual salary with Prudential Insurance Company. Also, $10,000 is provided on each employee who is on one of the SCLGAG health insurance plans.

The full-time employee can purchase $10,000 on their dependent(s) through Prudential Insurance Company through payroll deductions. Dependents children are covered until age 19 (age 24 if they are a full-time student).

VACATION - Full time employees earn vacation.

5 Days after completion of six (6) months. After completion of one (1) year another five (5) days. On second anniversary a full-time employee is entitled to ten (10) days. First five (5) years employee receives ten (10) days per year.

After six (6) continuous years one day of additional leave is added for each year of service up to fifteen (15) years.

Six years employee receives 11 days

Seven years 12 days

Eight years 13 days

Nine years 14 days

Ten years 15 days

Eleven years 16 days

Twelve years 17 days

Thirteen years 18 days

Fourteen years 19 days

Fifteen years and each year thereafter 20 days


Full-time employees earn sick leave at a rate of one day for each full month worked and maximum accrued sick leave of 120 days. Employees with over 120 days of sick leave are traded one vacation day for each five days of sick leave over the 120 day maximum. For example, at the end of the year you have 126 days of sick leave, you are given 1 vacation day and the 6 days are removed.

HOLIDAYS - The following is a list of paid holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Employee's Birthday Floating (Employee Anniversary, Lincoln, Washington, Columbus, Veterans, or Day after Thanksgiving)


All employees, except Public Safety Officers (Public Safety Officers participate in the South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System administered by the State.), who have completed 12 months of regular, full time employment will automatically participate in the City of Aiken Retirement Plan as of the next July 1 and will become vested after 5 years of service. The City makes all contributions to the Plan. A participant may retire at age 55 with 28 years of service with full benefits.


Employee is eligible after one year, full time should it be necessary. Part-time employees are not eligible. Employee is required to use all accrued leave before being placed with our plan administrator, Medical Claims Management Corporation (MCMC) for Short-Term Disability. Our plan administrator for Long-Term Disablility is The Standard Insurance Company.

A “Statement of Disability” has to be completed by a medical doctor, employer and employee and filed with MCMC for their approval for Short-Term Disability. The application for Long-Term Disability also requires completion by the employee and the treating physician. Forms are available in the Finance Department.

There is a 30 day elimination period for Short Term Disability and 180 day elimination period for Long-Term Disability.